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 Nia Jax

Birth name: Savelina Fanene aka Nia Jax
Billed From: San Diego, California
Born: May 29, 1984
Nia Jax is a force to be reckoned with in the Divas division. She aims to prove to be the most dominant and fierce competitor that steps in the ring. Jax is of Samoan and German ancestry, and a member of the Anoa'i family. She is also the cousin of Dwayne Johnson (The Rock). Jax signed with WWE in early 2014, where she started out in the developmental. Jax eventually made her in-ring debut on May 9th at an NXT house show in Jacksonville, Florida, where she teamed up with Devin Taylor against Bayley and Carmella. On August 22, during the NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn pay per view event, a vignette aired teasing Jax's on screen debut. There is no Diva that has the looks and size of Nia Jax and because of that it sets her aside from most. Its only a matter of time before she have the NXT Women's Championship in her possession.

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Nia Jax vs Rachel Levy 

Nia Jax makes her way to the ring as local competitor Rachel waits in the ring. Byron Saxton interviews her and she’s confident about winning, despite her small size. Nia dominates the match with hair whip. Nia scoops Rachel up and places her on the top rope before shoving her out onto the floor. Nia brings her back in and hits her reversal slam drop for the win.

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Earlier in the show the announcers lead us to hype video for Nia Jax. The video show case Nia’s path of destruction since debuting.

– We see Nia Jax walking backstage. Goes to commercial

Nia Jax vs Ariel Monroe 

Back from the break and out comes Nia Jax as Ariel Monroe waits in the ring. Nia dominates and stops every offense attempt from Monroe. Nia puts Monroe on the top rope before yanking her off and delivering a devastating clothesline. Monore runs the ropes before Nia knocks her out mid-air and follows up a with a reverse slam for the win. Nia puts a foot on Monroe to make the pin.

After the match, Jax stands in victory as we go to replays with the announcers praising her. Saxton goes in the ring and asks Nia how it feels to compete on RAW. Nia ask “how does it feel?” before nailing Monroe again and telling Saxton to ask her how it feels. Nia smiles and leaves.

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We go to the ring with Commissioner Stephanie McMahon and General Manager Mick Foley.

Foley brings the RAW roster out to the stage. He talks about producing the best show every week. Stephanie says Foley will have full authority status to do what he needs. They assign matches and everyone leaves.

Nia Jax vs Britt Baker

We go to the ring and out comes Nia Jax for her main roster debut. Local wrestler Britt Baker waits in the ring. Nia locks up with Britt before slamming her face first into the mat. Nia attacks and hits a big splash in the corner. Nia catches Britt and slams her in the corner. Nia with a hip splash in the corner. Nia keeps control and destroys Baker, hitting a second leg drop for the win.

After the match, Nia stands tall as the referee tends to her opponent.

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Nia Jax vs. Bayley

Early on Nia Jax charges in on Bayley but Bayley manages to dodge her. Jax sends Bayley into the top turnbuckle with Snake Eyes and throws Bayley out of the ring for a count out. Bayley comes back in but is taken down with a series of power moves from Nia. Multiple whips to the corner from Jax to Bayley with shots to the midsection. Bayley moves out of the way from an attack and takes it to Jax with a series of strikes. Jax sends Bayley out of the ring. 


Back from the break with Nia Jax still in firm control. Nia chokes Bayley between the ropes. Multiple tosses and slams to Bayley from Jax. After another failed comeback, Bayley sent right back out to the ring. Bayley returns to the ring at a nine count. Bayley gets thrown around the ring by her hair and Nia Jax attempts to throw Bayley out for a fourth time. Bayley reverses and sends Jax out. Bayley hits a big flying clotheline from the apron but can’t maintain control. Nia slams Bayley into the ring apron. Jax goes for an attack into the stairs but Bayley escapes. Jax stays out for a 9 count. Bayley hits a neck breaker with Jax in between the ropes and follows it up with a drop kick. Jax still won’t go down. Bayley hits a cross body from the top rope and takes Jax down for a two count. Jax goes for a powerbomb but Bayley reverses into a roll-up cover for a two. Nia Jax lifts up Bayley and hits a Jack Hammer for a two and a half. Jax goes to the second rope to attempt a splash but Bayley follows to lock Jax up for Bayley-To-Belly from the second rope for the win.

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The powerhouse of NXT’s Women’s division is shocked to see herself drafted.


Stephanie and Mick Foley announced they were drafting Nia Jax to RAW. Before the announcement Stephanie gave Nia an introduction stating “There is no woman quite like her from NXT, Nia Jax!”


Shockwaves reverberated throughout the NXT Universe when it was announced that six selections in the WWE Draft would come from the NXT roster. NXT fans began speculating who might be taken to join the Raw and SmackDown Live rosters as WWE’s New Era takes on a new form. But while rumors swirl as to who Raw General Manager Mick Foley and SmackDown Live GM Daniel Bryan will take, WWE.com has been scouting NXT’s top Superstars. The top names on our draft board are below. Will Foley and Bryan pick them? Tune in to the WWE Draft on the debut episode of SmackDown Live, tonight at 8/7 C on USA to find out!

There aren’t any women like Nia Jax in NXT — or WWE, for that matter. The towering Jax has made NXT her own personal demolition site over the past year, steamrolling through everyone in her path. Jax has taken the ultra-tough Asuka to the limit and put the incredibly resilient Bayley on the injured list in the past few months. It’s not hard to imagine Jax continuing to pulverize the competition, this time on Raw or SmackDown. — BOBBY MELOK

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There would undoubtedly be no one woman better to front the all-female equivalent of the Red & Black of The Wolfpac than The Red Queen herself, Eva Marie.

The original Wolfpac is best remembered for being a hip, charismatic and tenacious group. The combination of Eva Marie and Nia Jax certainly echoes those same qualities. Jax is as dominant a Superstar, man or woman, on the entire WWE roster, and it is impossible to argue with Eva Marie’s magnetic presence and place in pop culture.

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NXT is about to step into the spotlight on the grandest virtual stage of them all.

On Thursday, 2K announced details regarding the upcoming release of the collectible NXT Edition of WWE 2K17. The limited edition version – of which only 50,000 copies will be made available worldwide – will shine a spotlight on NXT, the WWE global brand whose presence in WWE video games has grown substantially in recent years.

The NXT Edition of WWE 2K17 will offer grappling gamers a wide variety of exclusive features, from in-game enhancements to collectible WWE memorabilia.

In addition to the WWE 2K17 video game itself, the NXT Edition will include:

the NXT Enhancement Pack, which includes three playable NXT Superstars (Shinsuke Nakamura, Nia Jax and Apollo Crews) as well as a 50-percent point bonus at NXT in WWE 2K17’s MyCareer mode;an exclusive Canvas 2 Canvas lithograph designed by WWE portrait artist Rob Schamberger and autographed by NXT Superstar Shinsuke Nakamura;an exclusive eight-inch “Demon” Finn Bálor collectible figurine;an exclusive Topps NXT TakeOver: London Mat Relics Card, which will feature one of the Superstars who competed that night as well as an authentic piece of the event’s ring canvas; andaccess to all features available in the WWE 2K17 Pre-Order Bonus, including the availability of Goldberg as a playable character.

2K will present these exclusive items in  specially designed NXT packaging to house the NXT Edition of WWE 2K17. This creative touch echoes 2K’s recent reveal of the official WWE 2K17 and the announcement of Brock Lesnar as the game’s featured WWE Superstar.

WWE 2K17 is not yet rated by the ESRB and is currently scheduled for worldwide release on Oct. 11, 2016, on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as well as PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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Bayley defeated Alexa Bliss via pinfall following a Bayley-to-Belly

After the match Bayley grabs a mic, and starts to talk about her long road back after being “injured” by Nia Jax. Nia interrupts, and they argue back and forth. Bayley challenges Nia to another match and Nia accepts before leaving.

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