The Irresistible Force
Birth name: Savelina Fanene aka Nia Jax
Born: May 29th, 1984
From: Sydney, Australia
NXT Debut: October 14th, 2015
Billed: San Diego, California
WWE Debut: July 25th, 2016

Nia Jax is a force to be reckoned with in the women's division. She aims to prove to be the most dominant and fierce competitor that stepped in the ring. There’s one thing that’s painfully clear when someone steps in the ring with Nia Jax: She’s not like most women. The 6-foot-tall Jax has towered over other women for as long as she can recall. She was kicked out of activities like karate, kickboxing and judo as a child because someone always ended up getting hurt at her hands. Though Jax eventually turned her attention toward the world of modeling, she still hungered for competition. A cousin of The Rock, she made her way to the WWE Performance Center where she learned to harness her aggression in the squared circle. She immediately blew away all other Superstars in terms of power, claiming all of the WWE Performance Center’s female lifting records. Unsurprisingly, Jax has dominated her competition since her debut, squeezing the air out of her opponents with a crushing bear hug before viciously slamming them into the mat to earn the victory.
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"Anyone can be born with or buy pretty features, but that doesn’t make you truly beautiful. True beauty comes from your soul!"

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NXT Live Event Results – January 16th, 2016
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Chicago, IL

First Show

* Nia Jax and Eva Marie defeated Carmella and Peyton Royce after Nia hit a leg drop on Peyton for the win.

Second Show

* Bayley retained the NXT Women’s Championship after defeating Nia Jax in Title match.

NXT Live Event Results – January 15th, 2016
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Green Bay, WI

Nia Jax and Eva Marie defeated Carmella and Peyton Royce

NXT Live Event Results – January 14th, 2016
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Milwaukee, WI

* Bayley defeated Nia Jax via pinfall to retain the NXT Women’s Championship

WWE NXT Results – January 13th, 2016
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Nia Jax is in the back and William Regal wants to know if Nia is able to participate in the Battle Royal. The medical official says that after being choked out by Bayley she feels that Nia needs to take a few weeks off.

Nia argues with the decision and William cannot go against the ruling. Eva Marie says that she has it for them.

WWE Breaking Ground: S01Ep09 – Countdown
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Screenshot_2015-12-29-17-20-38 Screenshot_2015-12-29-17-21-11 Screenshot_2015-12-29-17-24-39 Screenshot_2015-12-29-17-27-20

On this episode Nia Jax deals with being nervous for her TV debut. Her mom and friend flew in for the big day. Nia discusses her new theme song and how she wants to walk down the entrance. Her mom says Nia will figure things out and she is a good at over coming hurdles. Nia later explains how she and her aunt (The Rock’s mother), was returning home from a charity event, when they were struck by a drunk driver. The accident broke Nia’s collarbone and caused numerous injuries to her aunt. Thinking about Nia’s sacrifices and how she pulls through, her mother tears up a bit.

Nia leaves her mother and friend to head the NXT show. After arriving, the pressure increases. Baron Corbin and Rhyno attempts to settle her jetters with stories of failed first impressions; Corbin once tripped over the ropes while entering the ring, and Rhyno mistakenly walk to the ring during a commercial break. Despite the high emotions, Nia finds herself relaxing more after trying on her attire and falling in love with it. Her debut was a major success and the crowd chanted her name in excitement. She quickly squash her competition, and her mother meets her backstage to congratulate her afterwards.

WWE Breaking Ground: S1Ep08 – Crossroads
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Screenshot_2015-12-22-01-08-07 Screenshot_2015-12-22-01-08-16 Screenshot_2015-12-22-01-08-46 Screenshot_2015-12-22-01-09-19

Nia Jax is shown at home talking her designer about the creation of her ring attire for her upcoming television debut on NXT. Nia says she is nervous about her debut before her friends and designer say she will be fine and for her to be herself.

NXT Takeover London Results – December 16th, 2015
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025_NXT_London_12162015mm_1582-2431974443-1 026_NXT_London_12162015mm_1603-800260043 029_NXT_London_12162015mm_1702-1355923153 030_NXT_London_12162015mm_1724-3835278775

They show video packages for Nia Jax path of destruction. Later on we get backstage segment where Nia say she is going to destroy Bayley like she did every other NXT Diva who got in her way. Asuka is shown backstage and Nia confronts her.


WWE NXT Women’s Title Match: Nia Jax vs. Bayley

Nia is out first to some awesome new gear followed by Bayley. Nia shows her power early on. She carries Bayley out of the corner and tosses her. Nia kicks Bayley around and keeps control. Nia with a big powerslam. Nia manhandles Bayley some more in the middle of the ring. Bayley looks to be fading but fans rally for her. Nia manhandles Bayley some more, keeping the hold locked.

Bayley tries to get out and ends up with a Dragon Sleeper applied but Nia rams her back into the corner and breaks it. Bayley fights back and hits three big leaping elbows in the corner. Bayley goes to the second rope but Nia pulls her off. Bayley takes Nia to one knee with a dropkick to the leg. Nia with a running kick but Nia still won’t go down. Bayley goes to the second rope for a flying back elbow but she’s still standing. Bayley with another flying elbow. Bayley goes back to the second rope but Nia pushes her out of the air. Bayley catches her in a submission but Nia picks her up and sets her on the top rope. Nia with a forearm. Nia climbs up but Bayley sends her to the mat. Bayley with a senton for a 2 count. Nia launches Bayley out of the ring with the kick out.

Bayley comes back in but Nia hits a Samoan Drop for a 2 count. She argues with the referee and looks to be getting frustrated. Nia with another Samoan Drop. Nia with another big Samoan Drop off the ropes. Nia with the leg drop now. She puts a boot on Bayley’s chest but Bayley kicks out at 2. Nia with three splashes in the corner. Nia tosses Bayley across the ring again. Nia with another big leg drop on the arm and then one to the back of the head. Nia with another leg drop to the back of the head. She nails one more for a 2 count.

Nia watches as Bayley struggles to get to her feet. Nia floors Bayley again as fans boo and the referee checks on her. Nia takes Bayley back to the top and climbs up. Nia goes for a super Samoan Drop but Bayley applies a guillotine choke and brings Nia back to the mat, still standing though. Bayley tightens the hold but Nia slams her to the mat. Bayley catches Nia in the choke again. Nia stands up with Bayley’s hold still locked in. Fans go crazy for Bayley but Nia slams her to the mat once again. Bayley eventually gets the choke locked in for the third time. Nia drops to one knee this time. Nia fades and falls to the mat now. Bayley re-positions herself and really tightens the guillotine as fans chant “tap.” Bayley screams for Nia to tap but she won’t give up. She finally taps out and Bayley wins.

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